Here is a little peek behind the curtain. Except for several tunes which are labelled as being "live" from our first show - below are the original demos of songs we recorded at the time we lived in upstate New York. Thanks to Doug Auld for digging these out and dusting them off for us and thanks to Wayne Garber who helped with the recording tasks. They were all recorded direct to a Revox 2 track with a few mics in the room. These songs were never meant for public consumption, and the recordings and performances - especially on the earler stuff, are very raw - yes, the clams and clunkers are very much intact.

They were truthfully reference tracks we recorded at rehearsal for our own use in perfecting the songs. I think Rocky's voice was so dynamic and stellar in the early days of Vision - these tracks deserve the light of day somewhere. Again, I could be in trouble here - no money is changing hands - so no one is technically getting taken. In a perfect world, I would clear this with the members - but since the tracks are so rough it would be really hard to ask folks to pay for them. This is the first time these songs have been posted anywhere.

These songs feature vocalist Rocky Ruckman, Stan Whitaker on guitar and vocals, Shannon Ford on drums, Rick Kennell on bass and either David Hayden on keyboards and vocals - or David Bach on keyboards. Enjoy!


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